I wish for you

I stand here today

Wishing you regret tomorrow

For not choosing me

Above your sorrow



Writer by Writing

“Write something……..

Just write something….


Oh God!!!!!!! Not one fucking idea in my mind to write something about. Nothing.

Oh! For god’s sake ……just start with anything.”


They say you learn writing by writing. Definitely can’t learn it by reading.

Reading may improve vocabulary, increase knowledge, correct grammar but to captivate people with words you need to do just three things. Take a pen, grab a paper and scribble.

I want to learn writing. I want my thoughts to reach millions of people on the globe. I want my style of writing to initiate change, to inspire people (especially women) to do something.

I wonder how the famous writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, J.K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini, Paulo Coelho managed it. Writers like Dan Brown had little success with his initial books but what drove him to still go on and publish another one. Didn’t it kill his self esteem thinking that people might not appreciate this one as well? Now he is famous though, since ‘Angels and Demons’ the sales of his initial books shot up. On the other hand there are writers like Christopher Paolini who taste success at a very young age. 

‘Fictional adventure’ had been my preferred genre of reading but now I’ve shifted to other categories. But when it comes to writing I never know what suits me unless I actually write. 

You may read about swimming, but not necessary you’ll be able to do a back stroke if someone pushes you in deep waters (but off course research does help). You may read about riding a motorbike but you won’t be a skilled biker unless you sit on one and learn to clutch and gear at appropriate times. I think you get my point. Whatever I am trying to say was beautifully explained by Filicia Ricci at a ted talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUtx-wC5mqA.

An ounce of practice is way better than pounds of knowledge. 

I don’t want to make millions (although millions wouldn’t hurt) with my writing but I would like them them to be cherished by some.

Invest in yourself

No matter what someone says about you, it will never come true unless you think the same about yourself.

If you think you’ve failed. You will fail.

But if you think you can do it. You will do it.

If someone has an opinion about you it will only be your reality if you have the same opinion about yourself. What you believe about yourself, for yourself; will be you one day.

This is what I believe and I am willing to die for it.Period.

It’s not over until I win!

A shiver runs down my spine every time I hear/ read about the inspiring stories of successful women. I get goosebumps when I watch video’s of amazing human beings who’ve failed a hundred times only to achieve their biggest win. Because they invested in themselves.

Invest in time. Invest in hope.Invest in your mind.

Train your mind to reach where you want to be.

As Winston Churchill said, “If your going through hell, keep going.

He didn’t mean don’t do anything during the darkest times of your life. Rather take responsibilities, fight back, fight till you see that light at the end of the tunnel. Keep walking till the first ray of sunshine warms your chilled body. Keep going through hell till you find heaven.

For a few months I had this feeling that I was not content where I currently was, doing what I was currently doing. I was certain that I have to be someplace else doing some thing else but what I had in my hands. Deep in my gut I was sure that that place was already there and it was calling me to claim it!

I didn’t know then and now I am more sure. I invested in myself. 

One baby step at a time. 

I don’t know about greatness or success but I know of passion, satisfaction and mental peace. I want relief knowing I am not wasting my life as a human. I want that lost moxie, that moxie that we all lose ourselves. I need  to find and I will not rest until I do.

No, I will not rest even then. That’s when I will need to learn how to protect my dream.

July 20/16

Words are powerful. More powerful than any other weapon.

We are constantly forming words in our heads all the time, even in our dreams there are words and even in our nightmares.

Words forced ancient humans to form a language. They couldn’t bear the suffocation in their minds and they had to let the words out.

Words are Powerful. Very powerful.

Nail Art 01!

The craze to paint and design nails started way back in 2008. I regret not clicking pics of all of them now . These I found in an old SD card and thought why not post it……

Maroon nail paint with yellow flower art

File your nails in a square shape and paint bold colors like maroon, purple, blue etc. giving a classy as well as a funky look. Team it up with a small flower design in a contrasting/ complementary color and voila!

Pink and yellow……cute together

I never knew pink and yellow nails could look so cute together. Ring finger= yellow and others pink. I did not like it vice versa but it’s each one’s choice. 

Yellow nail paint with black flower art

Yes, I know. I was obsessed with flower art at some point. Although, in this picture I feel yellow doesn’t accentuate my nails but I really like the pattern.

Cute casual shoes nail art

Even though it’s time consuming , “the casual shoes” art is one of my favorite and totally worth it. I ran out of funky colors so I repeated the teal color on the thumb and little finger.

Maroon…..plain and simple

The classic, single tone nail art. Nothing can go wrong with this and it goes with any occasion. No time to produce fancy nail art this is the one for you. 

Yellow French Manicure

My take on the classic French manicure. You can repeat this with multiple colors and also substitute the black line for a white line.

If you run out of black nail paint, are not able to produce straight black lines or don’t have the appropriate tools I would suggest you to use liquid eye liner . It has a fine brush and much easier to use. The coat of transparent nail paint will not allow the eye liner to flow when you wash your hands.


Kid's drawing of a House

It was never a Home to me, always a HOUSE

Drooping faces all around.

Flowers, meadows and other creatures dwelled,

But around the two legged a dark, gloomy shadow fell.


Cautious the two legged moved about,

Because upsetting the higher beings made it all loud.

Freedom, will and independence was curbed,

Just like the birdie in the cage had forgotten to chirp.


It was never a HOME to me, always a HOUSE

Drooping faces all around.

Conversation on the table hung in the air,

Human emotions lay naked and bare.


Looked every bit a HOME from the outside,

With the grass green and lawn clean.

But the people living, knew it was just a HOUSE of bones;

Made of concrete, gravel and stones.


Oh Lord! Please make it a HOME, if not weekdays than weekends ALONE

I am tired of tiptoeing around, not making a sound

I want to call it a HOME once, and not a HOUSE

Blissful faces all around.


Bursting a water bubble is happiness for a child.

Having a crush smile at you is happiness for a teenager.

Getting your first salary is happiness for an adult.

Holding a new born baby is happiness for parents.

But all those happy moments are just temporary.

What about after the bubble has bursts? Your crush has stopped smiling and moved on, you’ve spent your first salary and the kids grow up to be annoyingly chatty and expensively demanding. What is happiness then?

The definition or the idea maybe different for each one of us.

I ask this question frequently to myself and wander what it would be like to be completely happy and not temporary happiness?

Is happiness a state of being satisfied; spiritually and physically?

Albert Camus once said and I quote, “You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking at the meaning of life.”

That is exactly what I have been doing. Trying to grasp the meaning of life and what happiness consists off but alas!!!

Is happiness getting to do what you wish? Or is it just the exact opposite of sadness? Is it same as satisfaction? What is happiness? What is ? 

I know, happiness is nothing but a question mark!


Note from the author:

You know those frustrating days when we lose sight of what we are going to do and where we are headed in life. Everybody has had such a day.

This article was one useful byproduct of  such an useless day. If any of you have had such thoughts or have your own take on happiness please do leave a comment. 

The peaceful nights

Sleep awaits

Awaits o sleep

As the starry night lives through the dark.

My mind wonders, wonders away

To the blissful places, the sunsets and the gorgeous days.

I grip too tight, for the dreams to come

But oh! They love to hide.

I lie awake, as others slumber

Insomnia is what I abide.