Figuring out Parents


It’s amazing how parents find a way to say ‘no’ to whatever your asking. No matter  what you ask for, however logical the solution is or no matter how reasonable your explanation is, they – find – a – way – to – say – ‘no’! It’s funny sometimes when you listen to the reason for their negative approach. It includes everything from you not getting up early to it’s a cloudy day today. I can’t even see the relation between the two.

I guess all the parents are that way. They are complicated and moody. They say they don’t expect anything from their kids but hello, that is usually quite the opposite. Anything that doesn’t fit in their conventional way of thinking is not meant for them nor for us. And the most amazing part of it all (and probably the most annoying) is when, at the end they utter this world class statement: “WE ARE DOING IT FOR YOUR OWN GOOD”.

Whoever has their parents all figured out is probably the most happiest person. I sincerely believe that if as an individual one can convince parents for something, then one can convince the whole world. Parents are the hardest creatures to win over.

Everyone loves their parents. Who doesn’t (maybe there are some people who don’t)?! But at times they are tiring; especially during one’s teenage years when one is full of these hormones that swings the mood into directions that can’t be controlled. And all that parents care about is you attending “chacha ki beti ki shaadi” (dad’s brothers son’s wedding or in short cousin’s wedding) and whether or not you will wear a decent lehenga (piece  of clothing worn during Indian wedding) with gold jewelry. Wake up Parents!!

They say being a mother is the hardest job and raising your child is no child’s play. But for now I feel being an obedient child is the hardest job and keeping parents happy is a nightmare to fulfill. It’s tough for everybody but who decides the criteria for obedience? Obviously it’s going to be different for different parents. So how can they (parents) be so sure that what they are choosing for their child is the best thing?

If it wasn’t for parents we wouldn’t be half of what we are today but I also know that after all they are humans and even they are liable to commit mistakes (please don’t tell your parents this because they are very good at arguments). Off course their experience counts but a child can also learn far more from his/her experience than from guidance. I speak this from experiences I have witnessed.

After trying and failing and trying again, for so many years I realized that there comes a day when I stopped figuring out my parents (this is not entirely true). They are moody, complicated, unconditionally loving and they will expect achievements from us. But if I am allowed guesswork  then I would say that they are PARENTS after all and probably have the most difficult job on earth, that is raising US! Not always do they know the right thing for the child but I think it is a series of calculative guesses that help them figure it out. I always imagined a series of permutations and combinations going on inside their head, critically weighing and measuring the pros and cons, other people’s failures and the child’s happiness to make a decision which according to them will benefit us the most. I think it is fair to say that they too are trying and failing and trying again, for so many years to figure their kids out.The truth is one day we too will be parents and stand on the other side of this discussion. And that thought seriously scares me!! Just kidding.



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