Storm is Coming

I grasp for air, sweating on the skin which is clothed and bare;

I grasp for air, drowning in the sea of lost dreams for which I still care.


Hopelessness and fear is all that I now feel,

Where is the older me who was strong as steel?

I can feel the storm coming, I can sense it in my veins,

Only those who lived and lost their dreams, can understand the pain.


The emptiness mocks me, laughing at where I’ve reached,

‘Follow your dreams’ to many I had preached;

Nobody’s fault it ain’t, that my dreams have turned to dust,

Some are blessed with talent, some with bravery; but to succeed both are must.


‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ they called it,

My face bright, but it was killing me within bit by bit;

I shut my ears, I can’t take it anymore,

The storm is coming I know; and it will leave me broken, bruised and sore.


I grasp for air, sensing my dreams scattered here and there;

I grasp for air,knowing life is a cruel mistress who won’t be fair.


I dread for when the storm will come, will I still be grasping for breath or drown?

No! I cannot wait till then to know what happens,

Life will kill me using my own dreams against me as a weapon.


I need to fight now, because my weeping is drowning me farther;

I need to fight before the storm comes, I owe it to my dreams to try harder.


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