Nail Art 01!

The craze to paint and design nails started way back in 2008. I regret not clicking pics of all of them now . These I found in an old SD card and thought why not post it……

Maroon nail paint with yellow flower art

File your nails in a square shape and paint bold colors like maroon, purple, blue etc. giving a classy as well as a funky look. Team it up with a small flower design in a contrasting/ complementary color and voila!

Pink and yellow……cute together

I never knew pink and yellow nails could look so cute together. Ring finger= yellow and others pink. I did not like it vice versa but it’s each one’s choice. 

Yellow nail paint with black flower art

Yes, I know. I was obsessed with flower art at some point. Although, in this picture I feel yellow doesn’t accentuate my nails but I really like the pattern.

Cute casual shoes nail art

Even though it’s time consuming , “the casual shoes” art is one of my favorite and totally worth it. I ran out of funky colors so I repeated the teal color on the thumb and little finger.

Maroon…..plain and simple

The classic, single tone nail art. Nothing can go wrong with this and it goes with any occasion. No time to produce fancy nail art this is the one for you. 

Yellow French Manicure

My take on the classic French manicure. You can repeat this with multiple colors and also substitute the black line for a white line.

If you run out of black nail paint, are not able to produce straight black lines or don’t have the appropriate tools I would suggest you to use liquid eye liner . It has a fine brush and much easier to use. The coat of transparent nail paint will not allow the eye liner to flow when you wash your hands.


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