Writer by Writing

“Write something……..

Just write something….


Oh God!!!!!!! Not one fucking idea in my mind to write something about. Nothing.

Oh! For god’s sake ……just start with anything.”


They say you learn writing by writing. Definitely can’t learn it by reading.

Reading may improve vocabulary, increase knowledge, correct grammar but to captivate people with words you need to do just three things. Take a pen, grab a paper and scribble.

I want to learn writing. I want my thoughts to reach millions of people on the globe. I want my style of writing to initiate change, to inspire people (especially women) to do something.

I wonder how the famous writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, J.K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini, Paulo Coelho managed it. Writers like Dan Brown had little success with his initial books but what drove him to still go on and publish another one. Didn’t it kill his self esteem thinking that people might not appreciate this one as well? Now he is famous though, since ‘Angels and Demons’ the sales of his initial books shot up. On the other hand there are writers like Christopher Paolini who taste success at a very young age. 

‘Fictional adventure’ had been my preferred genre of reading but now I’ve shifted to other categories. But when it comes to writing I never know what suits me unless I actually write. 

You may read about swimming, but not necessary you’ll be able to do a back stroke if someone pushes you in deep waters (but off course research does help). You may read about riding a motorbike but you won’t be a skilled biker unless you sit on one and learn to clutch and gear at appropriate times. I think you get my point. Whatever I am trying to say was beautifully explained by Filicia Ricci at a ted talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUtx-wC5mqA.

An ounce of practice is way better than pounds of knowledge. 

I don’t want to make millions (although millions wouldn’t hurt) with my writing but I would like them them to be cherished by some.


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