When Death Arrives

Offshore, at sea;

it scans rapidly,

the prey that

is naive.

So naive!

Thinking years ahead,

So unaware,

that death,

stands at the oche.


It swims to

the shore,



A shark circling

it’s bait;


manic greed,

enjoying the wait.



eye to eye,

The hour to say


How shall he do it?

How shall he kill?

The ultimate kill!


Or let him live?


So lazy,

is death;

Even to decide

the prey’s fate!

“Let’s have fun”

it says.

Frisks the prey,

like a kitten.

Drinks aperitif with it

like a Samaritan!


Death arrives in forms,

So many;

Subtle, dramatic;

always uncanny

The very essence

of death,

Bored- so easily.

Stopping a heartbeat,

merely a formality.




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