The Pink Fetish



Growing up it was always made known to me that pink is a feminine color. A boy walking by with a pink shirt left a sneer in the room indicating, “Oh! That is so girly”. 

Although this shouldn’t have been a problem for me because I’m a girl. But unfortunately, when your a girl and fueled with high testosterone it usually equals repelling anything that looks “girly”. 

I went through that tom boy phase of repelling pink and anything associated with it. But pink has a way of catching up with you and before long unknowingly most of the items in my wardrobe turned pink. And one day someone pointed out to me that I have a pink fetish.

Disclaimer: My fetish with pink is not a fetish in “that” sense. It’s just that I love pink even though I secretly wish I wouldn’t because I’m not very girly. So pink is my guilty pleasure.





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