Emergency Room part 1









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Sara lay awake in the hospital room as she tried desperately to remember what happened last night. How did she end up here? What had transpired between kissing Joshua at the party and waking up in the ICU. She had absolutely no memory of the past 6 hours.

Saying goodbye to Joshua and his warm embrace was all she remembered. “Maybe I could call him. Ask him what happened”, she thought. She looked around for her belongings but her purse and phone were missing.

She rang the bell for help. A middle aged, dark haired nurse who looked far older than her actual age came running towards her . “Can you please give me my purse?” Sara asked her. She was alarmed at how feeble her voice sounded. The nurse looked at her quizzically. Sara was unsure, whether the nurse heard her faint plea. So she opened her mouth to inquire about her belongings once more but the nurse cut her off by saying, “shush shush shush shush…..now now, you need to lie down sweety. I’ll just call the doctor okay”. And she trotted away.

The nurse looked very relieved to see her awake. Sara wondered why! Was she very serious, on the brink of life and what lies on the other side ?! Did she manage to just escape the clutches of death today?

She looked at the wall clock again, 3.00 A.M. She remembered leaving the party at nine. Or was it ten- thirty?! Gosh! Why was it so hard to remember. Yes! Definitely nine. She Faintly recollected telling Amar at the party that she had promised Daniel, her 8 year old son she would be back before his bed time to help him rehearse his part in the play. She was running late again that night . Running late to fulfill his son’s wishes. What was she supposed to do. When your a single parent, you got to make ends meet. “Oh God! If I’m in the hospital,and not at home, that means Daniel is all alone at home” , her realization soon turned to dread and almost quickly into panic. She pressed the bell fervently now, almost frantically. She needed her damn purse, to find the damn phone to check on her baby.

The same nurse came rushing towards her but this time there was an elderly doctor with her. She told them in between breathless gasps that she needed her phone to call at home because her child had been all alone for the past 6 hours. Then the doctor said something that was unfathomable to her in her wildest imaginations, “But ma’am, you have been in coma for the past 3 days”.

To be continued…..


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