Emergency room part 2


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You can read the first part of this article by clicking on Emergency Room part 1.


‘You’ve been in coma for three days’, the words echoed in Sara’s ears. Her head hurt terribly and she was tearing up. For the first time in her life she was genuinely scared for her life.

She looked up at the doctor and the nurse and with great difficulty formed a question, a question she badly needed an answer to. “Am I going to be okay doctor?” she asked, as a tear streamed down her cheek.

 “You are doing much better than the last few days. You hit your head pretty hard, so we have do a few scans just to be sure there isn’t any permanent damage to your brain of any sort.”

“But what happened to me doctor?” Sara asked.

“You were in a car accident. Your head was badly hurt and a few of your ribs are fractured. And your left ear may also have suffered some damage, which may cause some hearing impediment on the left side.”

She scoffed, as if she hadn’t already figured out that she had been in an accident. She asked hurriedly, her voice somewhere between screaming and whining “I was at a party on Saturday and all I remember is saying good bye to people. I do not recollect driving off. Why can’t I remember? Why?”

The doctor placed a hand on her shoulder, “Okay Sara, you need to calm down. This often happens during head injuries where the brain deletes the incident from the memory. It’s like a coping mechanism of the brain to the shock it has endured.”

Sara was in no mood to understand the hippie functions of the brain, “Look, you don’t understand. I had to be home that day. I had to be home to my son. I need to call him. Please get my purse. Please.” She pleaded.

“But there were no belongings of yours”, the aged- looking nurse said to her.

“How can it be? I had my purse when I left”, Sara said obviously annoyed.

“Now now, no need to panic. If you could give us your address we could inform the cops to check on your son. Also you need to give the contact information about any family member just in case, the doctor said while handing her a pen and an ever so small note pad.

Sara touched the pen to the paper to write down her address but nothing came to her mind. She was completely blank. She tried real hard to remember her mom’s number but she failed at that too. Maybe her dad’s number, which was easier to remember with all the repeating pattern. Her mind was still blank. She had memorized those numbers in case of an emergency. Now, she couldn’t help but scoff at the irony.

Frustrated, she looked at the doctor, tears welling up again in her eyes, “I can’t remember”. And then she looked down, ashamed of herself. The doctor was sympathetic and told her that’ll she remember it, sooner or later. “The numbers are just jumbled up in your brain”, he said. He also assured her that he’ll inform the cops about her child, “Maybe they can get an address if they cross link your number plate of the car.” And they both left.

She thought of Daniel, her son. He has been alone for three days. He was performing in the play on Sunday, or was supposed to perform. She thought about Joshua, the kiss they had shared, ‘Wouldn’t he be worried that I haven’t received or called him for three days? He would call right? Or would he be like the snotty guys, who wouldn’t want to look desperate? I can’t believe it. Here I am in the ICU, ribs broken, brain malfunctioning, ear damaged, my son possibly starving at home and I’m thinking of boy troubles”. And then she drifted off to sleep.


Sara woke up to the sound of people talking outside the room. She had slept for a long time and felt much better than before. The doctor and a tall muscular inspector entered. Sara felt a ray of hope. 

“Did you reach my son inspector? Is he okay? Is there someone to take care of him?”, Sara asked.

The inspector replied rather matter- of- factly, “I’m afraid not ma’am. There was nothing to identify you by in the car. And when we cross referenced the car number, it showed that the car belonged to a Joshua Smith. This car along with Joshua has been reported missing. What were you doing driving his car on Saturday?”

“What? No, that can’t be. I was driving home to my son. Why would I be going home with Joshua’s car?”, Sara replied, her head hurting again as she tried remembering the events. 

The inspector was now looking at her rather sternly, his gaze of that of a hawk. He said, “I would love to believe you ma’am but evidence suggest otherwise. But until we hear more about Joshua Smith, you are a clear suspect in this whole scenario.” Sara opened her mouth to say something in protest, but the inspector cut her off, “also, the doctor tells me that the alcohol content in your blood was more than 0.08 %. You were definitely very very drunk.” 

To be continued…..







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